Monday, August 24, 2009

My First Book
Written by: Debra Royale Bassett
"Listening to my Family Symphony,
my heart sings a song!
How could anything be more special, I wonder?
I'm glad I belong!"
These are the words of the little girl in this book who realizes how special her family is to her.
The author is a licensed Kindermusik Educator, so she knows all about music and young children. She specializes in helping parents get involved alongside their children in the music she teaches them. That is exactly what this story is about, music and family, intertwined to make a lovely read for the child as well as perhaps the Grandma, Grandpa, or parent who may be reading it to them. Filled with lively, bright pictures and sing song lyrics, it seems to delight every child I have read it to. My hope is that everyone will have as much fun reading it as I did illustrating it.


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  3. Sounds lovely. Billie from hubpages here, Debra. email me for information that I wanted to add to your comment to my article.